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We were challenged to create an entire album in just one week.
This included melody, production, lyrics, and even art.
This is the result.


JVウタウ's Comment:
Luka is portrayed here as a person who wants to work, hence "Workaholic" being the first song, but "Workaholics," the album name, has an "s" at the end.
In reality, the album's title refers to me and Melobunii. We both work hard to become better, and eventually, we both worked hard at making this dream a reality.
To be honest, this album wasn't even originally meant to be. It wasn't a big project that took months of planning, nor did it even take months to be made.
Once upon a time, I was looking to improve my skills as a producer. That was a little more than a month after I released Rocket. I decided to join a Skype chat initiated by popular Vocaloid producer Ghost, with the goal of allowing more experienced producers to help newer ones. (They are no longer in it.)
I once told them that I finished writing a song in 5 minutes during class, and everyone (Ghost included, which made me fanboy) was surprised at the speed of that. (No producing was involved, it was literally just lyrics and a melody for a class activity.) Someone else in the group was fast at producing music - Melobunii, who has been my friend for some time. Melobunii could produce an entire song in a day.
Velvet (a member of that chat, and known in the community for his covers) suggested that if Melobunii and I had a collab, we'd be done with an album in a week. I thought to myself, "That's actually a brilliant idea!"
So I contacted Melobunii to start planning the album. It was February at the time, but we wouldn't be able to do it at the time because of my school schedule. At the same time, we had to schedule it ahead of an operation Melobunii was scheduled for, which was to be in April.
What month is between February and April? March! It just so happens that summer in the Philippines also starts in March.
When we started, I originally did not have the faith that we could really finish in time. The first thing we did was record an announcement. I then did a bit of the instrumental for "First Day of Work" as a background. A few hours later, it was posted on my SoundCloud. Two days had passed and, though two instrumental were finished at the time, there wasn't much done. I was worried that it might stay that way.
But on the third day, Melobunii finished tuning "First Day of Work" and I mixed it. It turned out surprisingly well! I made a short sample that Melobunii posted on her SoundCloud, and the reception was very good.
So we continued pumping song after song out, and what helped was that Melobunii often stays up at night, which helped because we lived in different time zones. I once asked her if she was used to doing that, and it relieved me to hear her say "yes" and "im a night bunny" (actual quotes from our Skype conversation), because, and I quote from my reply, "I would really worry for you if this album was why you switched time zones with the owls"!
I realize that this is quickly becoming a novela, so let me cut to the chase: Melobunii is one of the best people to work with. She's honest, true, and keeps on cheering you on. In addition, she's very optimistic and bubbly, and believe me, if I met a person like that in school, I would make sure to be with them in every group project. This is the first collaboration I have ever done in my life where I feel very comfortable.
So, thank you, bunii, and thank YOU for reading through the story of how this album came to be. I hope you'll like it!

Melobunii-P's Comment:
This was like, the best thing I ever done!!
Jv is the best person to work with, easy to communicate, very friendly! This album was made in a week, I had faith in finishing this album in a week //consideringIMakeSongsEverydayLel//
I am very very proud of this albums and the songs we made!
Someday, I would LOVE to make another album or a project!


released March 27, 2016

General Credits
Music composed, written, and produced by JVウタウ and Melobunii-P
Vocals by Megurine Luka
Megurine Luka is a VOCALOID owned by Crypton Future Media, Inc. VOCALOID is a trademark of Yamaha Corporation

Album art by Melobunii
Background photograph by Angaurits from - licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License and CC-BY-SA 3.0
Ground texture from
Spectrogram generated with Sonic Candle
Typeface is M+ 2p by M+ FONTS PROJECT (designer: 森下 浩司)

Audio Material Credits
JV's instrumentals were produced using Apple GarageBand built-in instruments and effects, Native Instruments Komplete Players, TDR Kotelnikov and Proximity plugins, and Ivy Audio's Piano in 162.
Melobunii's instrumentals were produced using FL Studio 12 built-in instruments and effects.

Tuning: Melobunii
Concept, Melody, Instrumental, Lyrics, Mixing: JV

First Day of Work
Concept, Tuning: Melobunii
Instrumental, Mixing: JV
Melody, Lyrics: Melobunii + JV
Vocals: Megurine Luka V4X

Office Rivalry
Instrumental, Tuning: Melobunii
Melody, Mixing: JV
Concept, Lyrics: Melobunii + JV
Vocals: Megurine Luka V4X

Concept, Melody, Tuning: Melobunii
Instrumental, Mixing: JV
Lyrics: Melobunii + JV
Vocals: Megurine Luka V4X

Instrumental, Tuning: Melobunii
Concept, Melody, Mixing: JV
Lyrics: Melobunii + JV
Vocals: Megurine Luka V4X

Easter Bunny
Concept, Melody, Lyrics, Instrumental, Tuning: Melobunii
Mixing: JV
Vocals: Megurine Luka V4X



all rights reserved


Melobunii-P Texas

Hii, my name is Lily. I am 19.
I am also known as "melobunii"!
I use vocaloid, I currently have Megurine Luka V4x!
My songs may not be the best, but due to my hard of hearing (cannot hear some notes or range) I try my hardest!!!!
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Track Name: Workaholic
Everything that I have worked my life for
Can it please just be the keys to my wish's door

Working on some tiny detail
afraid that if that's wrong, this all fails
Trying to fix this perfectly
The whole mechanism consumes me

Oh, the time, it's already past nine
and yet I stare blankly at this mess

This is not yet how I want it to be
This is not my
vision for the dream that I have made my whole life
foundation of
Everything still needs to be put in place
Everything needs a fresh face
Everything that I have worked my life for
Can it please just be the keys to my wish's door

The cups of coffee make a stain
on my notebook, oh it's such a pain
though I guess myself I shall blame
I mean, my head's feeling out of frame

I'm tired of all this useless mêlée
yet I can't resist this chance now

I'm working day by day to make it be
I work today
striving a tomorrow where this all bears fruit
if hopefully
I'm trying to place everything in place
I'm trying to make this great
Everything that I have worked my life for
Can it please ju-ust be the keys to my wish's-

Finally I have made my dre-eam be
Finally I
built the walls of the structure that I made my life
foundation of
Everything is now perfectly in place
Everything down to the base
Everything that I have worked my life for
They are now the-e keys and I now open the door

I have done everything in my life now
I now hope that you will start to build yours now
Don't lose hope
Track Name: First Day of Work
The clock ticks, it's now at 6
and I am running late
Where's my train? I'll be kicked out
if I arrive at 8

Finally it comes to the station
and I am now at ease
Time to check my bag again
I got my purse and keys

Oh wait
Oh wait
My phone
My resume as well
Oh crap
I left them again!
(God, help me!)

I am starting my work's first day
I hope that it will go my way
Somehow though I worry that
everything will go wrong
The clock's ticking by and by
I try and try but my brain just fries
at the thought and nervousness
I might just fall and die

Stepping foot at office floor
The boss opens his door
"Welcome you came late now you shall
Calculate the salaries, do paperwork for everybody"
Sitting in my cubicle
The light's shining barely
The lack of space in this room
It just consumes me -

Just oh
Someone dropped a big pile of papers
Why ain't it smaller?
(God, help me!)

I am starting my work's first day
I hope that it will go my way
Somehow though I worry that
everything will go wrong
The clock's ticking by and by
I try and try but my brain just fries
at the thought and nervousness
I might just fall and die
Track Name: Office Rivalry
Hey, don't mess me up okay?
The two of us are locked
In battle for a day

In this air conditioned room
One of us will be doomed
if war we do not wage

So hopefully I will get this deal today
And by the way also
Hopefully my boss will be blown away

He will be blown away ay ay
ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay

We're cat and mouse
I'm going for the prize
and I will rock this house
Can you just be
Willing to give up and accept your big defeat
These words I'd say
If I somehow was not so very much afraid
Can I just be
able to lead, that I plea?

I... I can't believe I lost
What can I even do
The deal I made was tossed
So, it's that apparently
Our rival is a corporate monopoly

So hopefully you will give me another chance
And by the way also
Hopefully in this round I'll get upper hand

I will blow you away ay
ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay

We're cat and mouse
I'll try and again try
Pushing until I fly
Can you just play
it honest and fairly
if only just for me?
I'm no longer
not at all so very much afraid anymore
Can I just be
able to knock down the door?

We're cat and mouse
but bigger doesn't mean
that you will rock this house
Sometimes you need
The will and a heap
of passion to deal defeat
These words I say
I am now somehow not so very much afraid
Let us just be
Try harder 'till ends we meet
Track Name: Paperwork
"Welcome, audience
it's time for me to
keep you entertained now
Please applaud now"
That I sadly say to
the silent piles of paper all around me

Payrolls, time rolls, salaries
Malaria absence records too
Time, I beg you
Clearance? Nuisance.
Form A-1? Just please be gone
like the ink in my pen

Everytime I think about this job I get
Makes me regret

All this paperwork is exhausting
Wish I could go back to singing
To think all this work is
not what I wanted in the first place

I wish
Oh well then

Mechanically stamping every single
job firing pink slip
I bit my lip
Hoping that my name won't be on one of these
I'm like a machine now

Pressing plastic black marks on the
dramatic financial report
It's not a sport
Though I'll tell y'all it's as tiring as football
The earning's one for all

So now it's only how much more to go
wait, a hundred, oh

All this paperwork is exhausting
I didn't even want to do this
To think I went to a music school but didn't graduate
I wish

I studied
Track Name: Project
I couldn't even get sleep,
in the midst of this machine here going beep.
Can anything ring a bell?
Between these proposal papers, I can't tell

Working so hard on this.
Yes, I do get pissed,
when my mark I miss.
I can't do this but,
I don't think I'm dismissed
if this I resist.

Oh what to do
With this job here
Oh I wish that
I disappear!
Blood sweat and tears
They were spent here
Oh I wish that
this will soon end
Please end

I guess I hit a roadblock,
Ideas are worth much I don't have enough?
Sayonara to bedtime,
I need to write experimental design.

Working hard to the end
The completion is just around the bend.
Oh, All this hard work will hopefully be
worth my blood sweat and tears.

Oh what to do
I'm almost done
Oh I wish that
They will applaud

Blood sweat and tears
They were spent here
And they say that
I succeeded
The end
Track Name: Easter Bunny
Welcome spring!
What will you bring?
I can't wait until
Easter comes!

Easter bunny
What will you bring us on this sunday?
one two three hunt!

Lets, celebrate this holiday together
We will, hunt easter eggs together

Egg hunting
Lots of food
A get together with

We're painting eggs
We're cooking supper
for everybody
Let's celebate Easter sunday together
The easter bunny will come tonight!

Lets, celebrate this holiday together
We will, hunt easter eggs together
As family

The bunny
will bring us
some delicious
chocolate easter eggs

Easter bunny
I can't wait to see you on sunday!
one two three hunt!

Lets, celebrate this holiday together
We will, hunt easter eggs together